Hi, I'm Matt.
I'm a web developer and creative coder.
I create products and art with code and write about the intersection of creative coding and entrepreneurship.
About Me
I started web development in 2019 by building my first startup (thanks Odin Project!), after 7 years in project management. Since then I have built a range of web products.
I love the beauty and potential of creating things with code, including artistic and interactive experiences, which inspired me to create my digital art startup Novari, and Peckham Digital, a festival celebrating creative computing.
Some of the tech I’m using at the moment:
  • Javascript (ES6)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • P5.js & Three.js
  • Netlify & Heroku
  • 11ty
  • HTML & CSS
Things I've created
I’m proud to have designed and built a range of digital products that focus on helping an audience.
Here are some things I’ve made:
Art and Creative Coding
I make art using various creative coding tools (primarily P5.js and Three.js), as well as collage.
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Latest writing
I write about the digital art world, product for startups and building Peckham Digital festival.
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Work with me
I'm available for hire as a freelance web developer and creative coder and I'd love to help create or improve your product.
I'm also interested in other creative projects or potential collaboration.