How to display digital art

Digital art is natively screen based and formed of digital files. We have an abundance of screens in our lives, so here’s an overview of ways to view them in their glory.

Computer Screens

You likely come across most digital art via your main screen, i.e. desktop / laptop, which is a natural home for digital art.

Sedition offers an iTunes-style digital art collection, with digital files stored in the app. They can be viewed on a desktop or mobile browser.

Novari is a startup providing a Spotify-style subscription, focused on discovery, building a collection of playlists and viewing artwork in full quality in your browser.

Digital Galleries

Virtual worlds such as CryptoVoxels, Somnium Space and Decentraland allow you to buy virtual land and display artwork in a virtual gallery. These are generally accessible via desktop or mobile browsers.


HD TVs can be used to display images or videos, either as background/screensavers or via photo apps.

The Samsung Frame is a framed TV designed to display art when not in use. A few competitors are in development, including the Levono smart frame and the LG framed TV

Digital Art Displays

There are a range of dedicated art display screens, including Meural, Framed. These are framed screens that show artwork selected via an app. They are the size of art prints (from A4 upwards).

Most require a subscription to access more than the default artworks, and some allow you to upload images for display.

At a smaller scale, digital photo screens such as Nixplay bring changeable art to your home. Infinite Objects creates photo frame objects showing a single video on loop.


Instagram allows you to view small images of artworks from artists, to get a feel for their work and see new works.

Custom Mounted Screen

Screens can also be custom framed to display artwork of your choice, like this custom display created by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo. In this example, the artwork is controlled using a raspberry pi, but multiple control methods exist.


Digital artwork can also be displayed as prints, with many artists selling these on their websites or via print on demand services like Redbubble.

Plotter prints have become popular for generative artworks, particularly line and geometric based forms, where they can add depth and texture.